Sunday, April 4, 2010

Toddler Blazer and Tie: Kwik Sew 3697 and Little Londyn Little Guy Ties

We have a special wedding coming up in May, and I wanted to make the little guy a special outfit.

I started this project thinking I'd make he and daddy matching ties, and found the Little Londyn's Little Guy Ties pattern for sale on Etsy. It has a "big daddy" extension piece so I would only need to buy and figure out one pattern. Well, I found the directions a bit confusing and ended up with a tie that was twice as thick as necessary. Daddy saw it and swore he hated the fabric. Now the tie is narrower, but way too thick. It is also sized 1 to 3T and is a bit long for my guy. Stay tuned for if I decide to have him use it, or make another, shorter one by modifying the pattern, or if I just make a bow tie (also available in this pattern). I got some cool silk to use for the matching ties, but I have grown quite fond of this cotton print.

If I would make this pattern again, I wouldn't use any interfacing (it calls for it on just the front piece). I also would just use a really plain fabric (like an old sheet or some cheap flannel) for the interior lining, since only a tiny tiny bit peeks through at both ends.

I bought two patterns and looked at a third when trying to find a blazer or suit pattern. I bought Simplicity 8442 then realized the jacket has no collar. So then I looked at a Burda pattern which was for a blazer and suit pants and didn't end up buying it because I haven't used Burda before and thought the project would be hard enough without trying to figure out a new brand of pattern (I can't seem to find the pattern number). It did go down to 2T, and include pants, which were selling points for me.

I ended up using Kwik Sew 3697, which is sized for ages 4 to 14. I copied it down to 80%, hoping to make it 2T and ended up getting the sizing just right.

I made it out of denim, thinking the first pass at something isn't ever that great, and I wanted him to wear the third version of it to the wedding.
Well, I have now used tracing paper, my iron (ahem), fusible interfacing, my blind hem foot, made a dart, know what a welt is and how to install one, and how to make a machine-sewn buttonhole and sew buttons using my machine.

All in all, it was an educational project, although it took a really long time, and I think I like it in demin and am not sure I need to make two more versions before the wedding!

Oh, and my little guy likes the buttons on the sleeves.

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  1. wow great job! thanks for linking up!

  2. And if you're selling it now, I will gladly take it off your hands. :)

  3. Thanks- I am going to use it for my baby when he's big enough...



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