Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pattern Review: Wallet-Sized Reusable Shopping Bag Tutorial

What a fabulous idea to have a shopping bag that folds into itself and then becomes a wallet-sized object to fit into another bag (like a purse).  I was seduced by this tutorial, which I found on this list of shopping bag tutorials
Then I went to make it, and found it easy to make, although mine isn't quite as nice as the one in the tutorial.  I skipped the bias tape in favor of hemming, and think the bias tape is probaby the way to go to keep the curve looking sharp and to give it more of a "wallet" look when it is folded up.  My pocket is also not right in the middle, so either I wasn't careful to follow the directions or the spacing was off slightly.  The tutorial gives really detailed placement instructions, so maybe it was me.

This was a good project to use some of my leftover fusible interfacing with, and to use my iron again with (I fell in love with both while recently making a toddler blazer- see earler post).  The strap length is okay-- but I think I could make them slightly longer next time. 

All in all, the bag is a good size and the instructions were easy to follow and informative.  I liked how she added curves to the bottom of the bag, and how she dealt with the inner seams was a new way for me (she folded them up and sewed them together).  I did skip this, though, in favor of overcasting the inside edges; but, it is always good to learn new methods.
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