Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two more Swim Diapers - training pants pattern

It was high time for my little guy and his buddy to get new swim diapers. This time, I decided to use a training pants pattern, knowing that all you need to do to make a cloth swim diaper is to use PUL (or another waterproof fabric) on the inside and a cute and quick-drying fabric on the outside. I wanted to use a training pants pattern instead of a diaper pattern because I wanted it to fit more tightly.

I opted to use this training pants pattern, which is for waterproof training pants. I cut the outer and PUL out of the basic pattern.

On the top swim diaper, I left all four sides open when I turned it. Then I added FOE and snaps to one side and sewed the other side shut.

On the bottom swim diaper, I left two open and closed two of the tab ends. On the snap side, I just turned and topstitched and attached the snaps. On the other side, I sewed it shut like I had done with the other side. I did this because my FOE never looks entirely tidy on the snap side, and I end up with a lot of zig-zag stitching to cover the ends and make sure they don't fray.

That being said, the top one is the one my little guy has been using, and I like it a lot. It has held up really nicely and he even gets compliments. I think the bottom one hasn't been used yet, but I do like the pin stripes.

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