Saturday, June 26, 2010

Phoebe Bag

I made the Phoebe Bag, thinking the shape would make a nice handbag that could also carry enough for my outings. I like it, but it is not big enough to close (for my purposes). I think that had I skipped the flap with the snap, it would be a better fit... but then, a lot of the style of it would also be gone.

The strap is an okay length- it could be an inch or two longer, but it is fine. I like how the lining fabric also lines the inside of the strap.

I modified the pockets, doing the zipper pocket from jcaroline creative's Hobo Bag on one side, and a long patch pocket on the other side, measuring space for my cell phone and a pen and using two lines of stitching to make three pockets within the patch pocket (one for the phone, one for a pen, and one for something else). I really like my new modified interior pockets for any bag, and will continue to add them to my future bags (I did the same arrangement with my modified Folklore Bag).

One odd item about the pattern is that she has you leave a hold for turning in the bottom of the lining. This means that the line of stitching to close it up is visible, instead of being part of topstitching around the top, like many other bags use.

This is a nice enough bag. It is not what I am looking for, but someone else will make good use of it.
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