Friday, June 25, 2010

Quilted Nonwaterproof Piddle Pads

We like to use the nonwaterproof piddle pads these days as sleeping mats. At 22 months, our little guy is mostly miss-free at night (regarding EC- the potty training method we have been doing with him since he was very small). On the occassion of a potty "miss," it is nice to have these around to soak it up.

They are made of flannel on both sides, so they absorb and he will feel the wetness (it helps him realize he has gone, rather than wicking the moisture away-- but this is only if it is changed out quickly for a dry mat and he doesn't get used to being in wetness-- or at least that is the theory). There are two layers of Zorb inside, which is a super-absorbant material from Wazoodle fabrics. There is a layer of flannel sandwiched between the Zorb to help the Zorb retain moisture.

These two pads were my quilting experiment. I tried to make a simple pattern for the front using recurring squares. I added a bit of the reverse fabric on the front of each for symmetry. To quilt them, I "stitched in the ditch," or used my walking foot to make seams that followed the lines I had already made while creating the top piece. To bind it, I used some ribbon I had from a friend's wedding bouquets on one, and pieces of old boxing handwraps for the other. Both binding choices did not need to be hemmed, so it allowed me to just fold it over the edges and edgestitch, making sure to catch the back as I stitched the front. I tried to miter the corners as I passed them. When I got back to the beginning, I stopped and cut the binding material off. Then I stitched it to the beginning to make a citcle of fabric. Then I went back to where I was and kept edgestitching. This allowed the ends to be hidden.

Here is the back view:
Here is the front view:

I am really happy with these. They lay flat, and absorb nicely. Zorb is great because it absorbs a lot, and quickly, and it also washes and dries easily. The edges don't act as uncomfortable ridges, as some piddle pad edges are wont to do. The next time I do these, I think I will try a pattern of some sort with the quilting.
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