Sunday, August 29, 2010

Toddler Curtains - BirdTalk Fabric

I actually sewed something recently. I have been doing a lot of hemming and fixing holes in things, but this was actually a real project. I made our toddler curtains for his new room. The room is still being set up in these photos, but the curtains are hung.
These are two-layer curtains. The front layer is Bird Talk Fabric, with little chicks on the white material and coordinating bird families on the green fabric. I topstitched lengthwise on the coordinating fabric to give it a little more color (I really like how topstitching looks).

The back layer is birdseye. Both layers are hemmed on three sides separately.

After hemming, I made the loops out of the coordinating fabric by cutting it 4" by 6" and folding it in and ironing it so they are 2" by 6" each piece. Then I stitched up and down each piece. I pinned the loops between the front and back layers andstitched across. Then I topstitched for the look of it and added strength.

The little guy looks at the curtains sometimes and says, "hold chicks," because the feed store we go to (for our chicken supplies) has baby chicks, ducklings, and baby bunnies they let us hold and play with. It is his favorite place to go. So the curtains are a talking point sometimes and we work on colors and talk about the feed store.

They also block light and add color to the room.
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