Thursday, August 19, 2010

Veggie Boxes in Progress

The new house has a great area on the south side that has been calling for veggie boxes. So I took some wood from a fence that fell down and placed it in 6 foot by 3 foot segments, with 18 inches between. I decided I could make six boxes.

Then my husband reminded me that the wood was 50 years old and some had termites and would deteriorate within a year or so if it had soil contact.

So we scrapped that idea (and the wood), and headed to Home Depot for some Trex decking, composite screws, and mending plates.  The mending plates are 4" long.  I am going to use 2 layers of Trex to make the boxes deeper.  The mending plates are to hold the box layers together.  I got 2 plates for each long side of the boxes.  I am going to do one full of dirt, and see if the short sides bow out.  If they do, I will need to add a brace to each short side as well.

Here is the now 2-year old supermodel/ superhelper with the boards, which have been cut to 5' x 3', with a foot allowance for between the boxes and the house.  We started screwing one together, and it took a while.  I think this may be a multi-day project.
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