Friday, August 27, 2010

Video Calling the Grandparents

Sometimes the little guy wanders around the house babbling. The other day it was while holding a webcam and saying, "Oma Opa, Oma Opa, Oma Opa." That's what he calls one set of his grandparents (shown here). I told him No the other day and he said, "Gr'pa Robbie," the other grandparent that he does video calls with. His memory is amazing, and the associations are also quite impressive.

We use Logitech Vid for our calling, which is free if you or the other person use a Logitech webcam.  We used to use SightSpeed (before it was acquired by Logitech and became Vid). So my son has always had video calling in his life. He thinks that that is what the computer is for. Vid is a really nice program, and it has recently come out in HD. The video quality is really impressive. I like that my son can see his grandparents and he can have a conversation with them when they are far away. The telephone is hard for him because of when the breaks are in conversation and the flow is different than in real life. Video calling seems to mimic actual conversations better. My beef with it is that you need to stay stationary while calling, which is not his strong suit, and it is hard to stay in one room. I am looking forward to being able to use my Android to make video calls.
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