Monday, May 14, 2012

Pattern Review: Little Heartbreaker Pants from Sewing For Boys Book

These are SO cute on.  They hang so nicely and look super sharp.

I made these from some old curtains and edited the pattern by using contrasting fabric for the inside of the pockets.

The pattern was great.  I found it really easy to follow and thought the use of the waistband facings and buttonhole elastic was quite clever (how it is held up then stitched then turned down and it closes the seams).   I made my own buttonhole elastic for the pants, and am quite pleased with it.

My only complaint is with the sizing.  I made two pairs for my two boys.  I made a 2/3 for my baby (who is in about 18 mo sizing now) and 4/5 for my preschooler who generally wears 4s and 5s.  The photos are of my preschooler in the 2/3. They fit him really well.  The length is even nice on him. In general, I am finding the sizing in the book (Sewing for Boys, where this pattern is from) to be a bit inconsistent and in general items are fitting a bit large and wide.  I guess that is better than too small~ I will just save these and they will both be able to wear them at some point.

Oh, and another complaint is with the cuffs.  As a separate piece, I ended up getting the length wrong and it folded and tucked and doesn't look that great in a couple of spots.  I tried cutting it to length after I had stitched the pants up, and still didn't get it right.

All in all, these are another hit. They were fun to make, and are adorable on.

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