Sunday, December 23, 2012

Visiting California Academy of Sciences Aquarium

I used to live in San Francisco, but hadn't visited the new Academy of Sciences since it was remodeled a few years back.

I took the kids there the other (blustery) day, and we were so happy with the excursion. First off, it was warmer in the city.  Second, my older son likes when I point out to him where I used to live and play.  Third, it was awesome.

Here they are at the sharks and rays exhibit.  It was a really special lagoon with reef sharks and rays swimming around.  We even caught their feeding time, which was extra cool.

Downstairs, the boys and I were awed by the huge aquariums and they ran around talking to the fish.  We went into a special garden eel viewing area that was really quite cool.  The eels were right there, and wiggling about.

The below photo was one of the jellyfish tanks.  These had blue spots on them.

On our way out, we saw they had live reindeer outside on exhibit for the holidays, and a reindeer antler to pass around and hold. Extra cool.

I'm sorry I didn't capture a photo of the little one taking an extra nap in the car on the way home, and the big one was speechless and exhausted.  A trip well worth taking, and fun all around.
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