Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Xtracycle Two (2) Child Seat from Milk Crate

I got the Edgerunner from Xtracycle and got right to work making a seat for my two kids.

The milk crate was in the garage, and leg holes were cut into it with our Sawzall.  Then we bolted it to the deck (#10 3" bolts with fender and regular washers on top and locking washer and wing nut below) and the Hooptie (U-Bolt) (see here).

Then I measured it to make a pattern, and cut my laminated cotton fabric and foam (double layer under and in back, and single layer in front and sides). I also made the side bag for the front child. We decided on the belting arrangement, which ended up as a seat belt through the larger bottom holes with 1" webbing and a clip. The front child is attached to the crate and back is attached to the crate and Hooptie.

Then I made the pads, attaching them with Kam snaps and adding pockets to the crate child's front and side pads, and a lovey clip (similar purpose) to the side pad and an additional lovey clip is tied to the Hooptie (the yellow and white striped ribbon and suspender clip).

The yellow fleece on the sides and below the crate pad are to soften the edges of the cut crate.

Today my younger child begged to go on the bike.

So I took him for a ride. He fell asleep within minutes, nestled forward onto his brother's seat pad.  

As an aside, I LOVE the kickback kickstand by Xtracycle here! He fell asleep, then we got to big brother's school for pickup, and big brother and I could sit on the bench next to the bike while the little one slept, secure in the fact the bike was stable (I was too hesitant to put big brother on and go home; as you can see, little bother was hanging into his space! Need a sleeping solution?? Maybe...).

UPDATE: Here is our new seating solution.

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  1. Like it! Looks pretty and comfortable. :)

    Just a thought but you might think about putting the younger one in front so the older one can alert you if he starts making a poor choice.



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