Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Preschooler First Sewing Machine Project

This little one has been begging for labels of his very own.  So I went and got him the same ones I have, the amazing woven ones from Worldwide Label on Etsy.  These are so sturdy and amazing.  I got them with his name on them.  He is so happy with them.  Especially since he is learning to read~ his name in writing is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

So he/ we decided to make a ziploc baggie out of fabric to use the label.  He chose the fabric and we cut it out using a ziploc as a pattern.  He chose a zipper and off we went to the sewing machine.

First we stitched the zipper onto both sides of fabric (he does the stitching and pinning and I do the directing-- there is a way for my sewing machine - Babylock Creative Pro- to be used with a button instead of a foot pedal and he can control it by himself).  Then he pinned and stitched the label in - he decided to do it inside (which is why you don't see it)-- I do a lot of my purse labels inside which is why I guess he has chosen that?? Maybe???).  

The he pinned the edges and sewed it (zipper open) and turned it through the zipper opening.  He LOVES this item. He sees it around and asks me, "who made this?" Then he opens it up and reads his name off the label.  :)
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