Monday, January 27, 2014

Plumbing the Chicken Coop Part 5: The Mister System

We recently plumbed the chicken coop (see posts 12, and 3). Then the chickens didn't use it, and we got them to use it because we made a chick waterer and then the chicks moved out and used it and now the chickens use it, too.

We decided to finish the coop plumbing project by doing the misting system (they were really hot last summer).  So, we bought the kit we had been eyeing and got to work.

Uh... forgot to blue glue a piece.  Oops.

Got that worked out and it looks good.  

We trailed the PVC up the back of the coop and drilled a hole through the front of the coop and put the misters out the front.  The kit is basically a bunch of couplings with brass misting pieces and a drain piece.  It's a nice kit, actually.  It's meant to be used on a hose, so we needed a piece to thread from the hose piece onto our PVC.  It also has a drainage bit so you can empty it at the end of the hot season and not burst the pipes in the winter.

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