Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Xtracycle with Kids Alongside - Hop on Hop Off Cargo Biking

The kids have been wanting to be on their own bikes a bit these days.  So I have been riding alongside (at 3 and 6 mph, depending on the child) on my Edgerunner.  My thought was that if one or both decided to quit, I could pop him and his bike on my bike, and get us all home without a meltdown.

In this photo, the little one wanted to ride to pick up his big brother at school.  So we brought Big Brother's bike along so they could both ride home.  I strapped it into one of the seats and away we went.  

This went ok.  I was a bit wider than I was used to, so I had to watch for that.  

Also, Little Brother got tired so we ended up locking his bike to a tree along the route to pick it up on the way home.

In retrospect, we should have locked both bikes to the tree, because Big Brother wanted to ride for only a little bit after a long day at school, so we ended up fitting the front of his bike into one of the cargo bags and half dragging it along with us.  The bell dinged on and on, but it was otherwise fine.

The good news is that they both rode home after reaching the spot where the little guy's bike was locked up.

On another day, the little guy rode a while and wanted to ride more later.  His 12" bike with training wheels attached fits in one of the cargo bags.  In the other bag is his brother's scooter.  We had a really nice ride that day.

All in all, this is a good use of the cargo bike.  Just another reason why it is great.

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