Saturday, August 1, 2015

Metabolic Circuit: Jump Rope/ Legs/ Kettlebell Swings

Equipment Needed:

  • Jump Rope (Could sub for air jump rope or sprints or high knees 30 sec.)
  • TRX (could do bodyweight instead)
  • set lighter kettlebells (ex: 16 kg each but gauge yourself) (sub with dumbbells if needed)
  • set heavy kettlebells (ex: 50-60 lb each but gauge yourself) (sub with barbell if needed)
  • sliders (Valslide or similar) (sub with paper plates or socks)
  • step (can use a stair or a Step with two risers)
  • core ball 6-10 lb. (sub with dumbbell if needed)

+/- 55-75 min (do fewer rounds for a quicker workout~ as posted here is about 75 minutes)

Warm Up : 

  • start by rolling and some light stretching ~ can be brief, even 1-3 minutes

Warm Up continued: 
do 2-5 rounds, depending on time of day (do more if it's morning and/ or you or the weather is cold):

  • jump rope (50-100 jumps)
  • TRX deep squat (just work on range of motion here)
  • TRX lunges back and curtsy 
Here comes the workout...

Do this for four (or even five if you feel invincible) rounds (yes, do three rounds if you want a quicker workout):

  • farmers carry your deadlift weights (or one size heavier)
  • deadlift (can do one or two of the heavier kettlebells) x 12-18
  • kb swing (can do two or alternating single arm swings- use the lighter bells) x 20-25
  • jump rope x50-100
  • double kb rack squat with lighter kettlebells (pulses w/ squat is the harder option- to do this, go to the bottom, then come up a little less than halfway, then go back down to the bottom, then come up- that is one rep) x10
  • TRX pistol squat x8-10 each side- make sure you line up your standing foot with the anchor.  Go so low.  Try to eventually not rely on the TRX as much.  To make this easier, modify by doing a one-leg squat onto a chair (see video below for some more modifications).
  • front lunge on step- back knee comes almost all the way touching the floor (pulses is the harder option- again, to do this, go to the bottom, then come up a little less than halfway, then go back down to the bottom, then come up- that is one rep) (to make it even harder, hold weight at your sides) x10 each side
Take water between rounds instead of between exercises if you can wait, and make sure to catch your breath between rounds (1-2 minutes, even, if you need).

Here is a nice video of a one-arm KB swing.  If you want to do an alternating one-arm swing, switch grip at the top.  I like to start by doing a few (5) double arm swings, then alternate most of the set (15), then finish with one with both hands, then put the bell down.

This is a KB double rack squat. Go low.

Here is a TRX pistol squat.

Here is the pistol squat onto a step (and some other pistol modifications).

Now, for some leg work (ha)- three rounds:

  • slider side lunge - straight leg on slider, bend base leg as other leg goes out. To make this harder, hold the core ball and send it up for counterbalance as you go down. x10-15 each side
  • slider mountain climbers - slow pace x20, sliders are under your feet
  • side plank thread the needle- use the core ball in your upper hand as you thread the needle.  To make this easier, bend the bottom knee to the ground. To make it harder, have both legs out straight or even raise the top leg.

Finish with one to three rounds:

  • dead bug w/ core ball at top (or swiss ball is fine- or nothing)

Stretch and have some water. You're done! Pin It

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