Thursday, May 7, 2015

Taking the K Class Bear Home for the Weekend

In my older son's Kindergarten class, there is a stuffed bear that each student gets to take home on a rotating basis.

It was our turn... and love at first sight... for my younger son.

He toured the bear all over, and hugged it, and dragged it around, and even slept with it.  This was, of course, after a stop in my fabric stash to try and make it some clothing.

My older son, on the other hand, agreed to be photographed with it and helped assemble these collages to be brought to school.  He also helped dictate the photo descriptions for the class bear's journal.

My younger son, now, two weeks later, is still talking about the bear, and he is pining over when he will be in the same class and get to take the bear home again.

there's a bear in there

Until We Meet Again....

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