Saturday, May 2, 2015

Upcycling: Velvet Curtain into Travel Booster Seat Bag (for 2 seats)

We chose the old velvet curtain for this project because velvet is sturdy and soft, and the color is dark and will hide some travel marks.  We wanted a bag to hold the booster seats and possibly make it easier to get through the airport.  If that's possible.  

 To make it, we stacked the two booster seats together then cut the curtain to fit around while still giving space to get the seats in and out.

I added a pocket for a card with our contact info.

Snaps go across the opening (they are black).  

I made a strap from the top of the curtain because those rings are so cool, and we can hang a name tag from there, or strap it to another bag through the holes if needed.  To make the strap, I hemmed the width of the cut side (the other side still had its hem).  I used a box stitch to attach it.  I chose the length by trying to walk while having the full bag over a shoulder.  It is shorter than I expected.

Wish us luck traveling!

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