Friday, May 1, 2015

Upcycling: Lululemon Groove Pants into Kid Pants and Bikram Yoga Shorts

This particular pair of Lululemon Groove Pants started to wear between my legs.  So I cut them just at the wear line and hemmed them up.

Viola!  Fabulous Bikram Yoga shorts.


And with fabric as great as "Luon" (what is it? I don't know but it feels so nice on the skin), I couldn't let the bottom go to waste.  So I checked the length against one of my son's pairs of pants and found it to be just right.  I cut the center seam inwards and stitched it up.

I would usually use the waistband again for kid pants when upcycling, but, since it had already been used for my shorts, I used a bit of fabric with a piece of elastic inside to make a casing.

In making these, I left the width as it was.  They are wide on him for sure, but I love the bell bottom look for the kids.

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