Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pattern Review: Buttercup Bag by Rae

This free pattern by Rae is called the Buttercup Bag. I think I thought it was cuter in the photos initially than I think it is now that I have made it, and don't love this bag.

It is tiny and doesn't have a zipper pocket.

It was quick to put together, and would be nice to make if you had two fat quarters of fabric to use.

In making it, I like how she has the pleats on the outside. The pattern itself was clear, as were her directions on what to cut from what. She has two separate sheets describing what to do and it would have been a lot simpler had she put it all together like most people do.

I learned a new technique doing this, which made it worthwhile. To connect the inner layer and lining, she has you leave a hole in the lining for turning, then stitch it up later. I don't like how the stitched up hole looks on the inside (why would you topstitch a lining?), but I will use this in the future as sewing the pieces together at the top and turning it there with only a small hole to pin and sew, instead of folding over the entire top of the lining and outer, and pinning and sewing carefully the whole way.

I didn't like how she has you handstitch the embellishment on the outside at the end. I would have rather done it before connecting the whole thing together. I also think she needed to give more instruction about the strap. It didn't make sense as to why she wanted you to stitch an ironed strap instead of sewing and turning. It would have also made it easier if there was more instruction or a photo closeup of the strap's attachment, as there was absolutely no elaboration. You can see I ended up with my buttons there instead of on the side.

I don't think I will make this again. BUT, if I do, I would make the strap longer. I would do a zipper pocket on the other side. I would also use thicker and fancier material.

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