Monday, February 8, 2010

Pattern Review: Reusable Snack Bag

I have been cutting up apples and pears and bringing them along with us on our outings for a snack. The problem is that they take up a whole hard container, then I need to carry a big empty container around for the rest of the outing. So I had been using plastic lunch baggies and throwing them away.

I came across this tutorial for a reusable snack bag (here is another option - see link on sidebar) when I was looking for a lunch bag tutorial for some cool oilcloth I just got. This project sufficiently distracted me from the oilcloth, and I am really happy with the result.

The tutorial was easy to follow and had great photos at appropriate places. The only direction that I would change was that she said to use a scrap of PUL and my scraps are much smaller-- I had to dig into my stash for a big enough piece. That is hardly a critique, though!

And that makes this hardly a review, I know. But the tutorial was useful and I am really happy with how my bags turned out. I was worried the PUL would stain from the pear, and it has held up just fine this last week.

I am looking forward to using these-- and making more!
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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've started making them with just one layer of cotton and forgetting the PUL all together now. Seems to work just as well.



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