Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reversible pants

It has been cold and we have been in need to more sweatpants. I have been looking for material, but all I could find was thin. The lady at JoAnn's told me it was spring. It is decidedly NOT spring.

So my *bright* idea was to make a pair of reversible pants. Twice as thick and choices of how it would look. I thought it was a great plan.

But, like a lot of great plans, it lost a little something in the execution. First of all, my second print is a little feminine for my little guy. He and I don't mind, but daddy thinks the ladybugs feminize the stars. This is not a bad point. Secondly, they are too thick. I had extra material and made two pairs of just the stars and they are just fine for warmth and fit nicely. The little guy doesn't walk that well in these... but we are used to him having a lot of freedom of movement as he is diaper-free all the time these days. Plus, the nice thing about sweats is that they are fuzzy on the inside. Now, that inside is really inside and he can't feel it.
So-- to the nitty gritty: I made two pairs of pants. Then I stuffed one inside the other and folded under the hem of each pant on each leg and pinned a LOT, then stitched the hems together. To make the waistband, I used the standard elastic in casing that I have been doing, but rolled under the edge so that it wouldn't show if we ever do use the ladybug side facing out. This took a while but I am happy with the result. If I would do this again, I may do something different in my fabric choice for the waistband so it makes a contrast on both sides.
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