Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Recipe Review: Rachel Ray's Meat Chili

I now know that Rachel Ray is famous not only for her personality and gimmick of the 30-minute meal, but for the food itself. I admit that I have watched her show for years (Ok, back before the baby when I actually had time and desire to watch television), but this was the first time I have looked up a recipe of hers and tried it.


There are so many kinds of chili out there (I was debating if we should try and make Bobby Flay's, since he is the meat man), and decided on this because it has meat and beans and veggies. We made it (that's not me, it's one of my mommy friends) in a triple batch for 5 families to share. The kitchen was full of prep chefs and toddlers and man, did it smell good!

We followed the recipe and used less EVOO than she has in the recipe, and substituted domestic mushrooms for the other types, and green garlic for the garlic, and took out the Gouda, and added chopped carrots and kale. It was easy to follow, and quick. If I make it again, I will soak the beans and make them from scratch instead of from a can, and find the chipotle chili powder instead of the canned stuff. This is because we try to use fresh as much as possible (or died or frozen), and canned as the last resort. We also skipped the onion garnish at the end. It is also very meaty, but I guess that is what meat chili is all about.

Thanks, Rachel Ray, for the delicious and quick meal. I took it home and my husband asked for thirds! He ate his veggies and beans, and liked them.
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As an addition, here is an ode to the deliciousness of the chili from another family who took it home that day...
Our Family enjoyed Chili for days, in the following ways:

Thursday night: Chili & green salad
Friday Night: Chili and basmati rice Burritos
Sat Night: On open-face Baguette baked w/Parmesan & side salad
Sunday Night: Chili & Eggs Scramble with Avocado & Herb side
Monday Night: Chili a la Bolognase - final remaining chili added to marinara sauce and over Spaghetti.

I feel like I saved $100 bucks but gained 100 pounds over the last 5 days!
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