Thursday, February 4, 2010

Upcycled Sweatpants

One old pair of sweats became two pairs of toddler sweats last week. They are great, and just the weight of fabric we had been looking for (and unable to find at the fabric store, new, oddly enough).

To make them, I took my trusty pants pattern and centered the front over the logo and cut out the fronts from one leg at the top, and the backs from the top of the other leg. I put the same pattern over the bottom of the pants and cut the next pair, lining up the bottom with the already elasticized bottom of the man's sweats I was upcycling. My pattern has a slight flare at the bottom, and on the second pair, I tapered the leg to follow what was available on the current pants.

To make the waistbands, I took the old waistband and cut it 1/2" longer than I would need, and used this for the seam allowance. I cut it off the pants with about 1 1/2" to spare, and used this as the seam allowance to attach it. It makes a nice line across the pant, below the waistline.

To make the second waistband, I took a circle of fabric from between the top and bottom pair of pants (thigh of the man's pant) and it happened to be the right circumference for my needs. I put elastic inside and now it is a waistband.

We love these pants! I have another old pair of sweats I am saving to see if he needs them in this size or if I should make them in the next size up.
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