Sunday, May 2, 2010

Darker Bedroom Curtains - Amy Butler Fabric + old sheets

As summer is upon us, it seems to be too light in the evening to go to sleep early. Our old curtains were light white canvas, and I liked that they let the light through. But in the interest of sleep, something had to be done.

These are made in two layers, and attached at the top only. The old sheets are navy blue, and happened to have a slit on one side that the existing rod fit through nicely. All I had to do to make them was hem the Amy Butler fabric on both sides, then fold it over and stitch it just below the slit. The block of navy on the front side of the curtain is at a different height on each curtain. After cutting the first layer and attaching the blue, I hemmed the bottom.

I like these so much that I think I may re-do more curtains around the house.

....and now, off to tidy the room... I do like how the offset blocks work together, though...

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  1. I need to make curtains for my bedroom too. We had a sheet hanging there for ages but I loathed it. So random. I'd much rather turn it into something pretty. Good idea to just add some pretty fabric to make it lovely. Will try it. Didn't completely get what you described above but I think I got enough to make my own variation! I was thinking of going a slightly different route but I'm inspired now! Thanks!!



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