Friday, May 21, 2010

Favorite Toddler Books

My son is almost 21 months old.  His tastes in books have been changing, and here are some of the current favorites...

This book actually tells a story, which a lot of the beginner books lack.  It also has animals-- so you can do fun noises.  I often read this one with my own story to their theme, but, hey, I'm the one talking here.  And it's more fun for me that way.

Yes, I know, it is the old classic.  But it is a classic for a reason.  The objects in it are becoming more interesting and our little guy likes to interact and tell the story with us.

I think this is the one we have... except ours is also in Spanish.  But it is a good book because it has a zillion animals in it, and our guy can read it on his own.  Then he can point to animals and we can tell him the names.  Plus I get to brush up on my Spanish.  It is endlessly entertaining.

We LOVE this book.  All of the noises are great, plus there is a page with the moon and howling, which has been great as he is starting to talk.  It is also good for learning numbers.

These are a little young for us now, but have been great.  It is fun to lift flaps to interact and then discuss the objects and people.

He is really into opposites right now.  We don't have this one, but she is fabulous and he loves "up" and "down" and "in" and "out" in other books.  One that we read often is called "Big and Little" and I can't seem to find it on Amazon to link it.  It has a bear and a mouse on the front cover.

This is one of our favorites, too.  It rhymes nicely, and mirrors our own bedtime routine.  The problem with it is that you don't want to interrupt the rhyme to talk about it, but it is fun anyway.

It is fun to moo and baa along with this one.  This also uses real photos, which is a lot more helpful than illustrations.

This is another favorite of ours.  The story repeats the same language, which is helpful.  It is also nice to see the animals in different positions than just facing you.  Other than that, I don't know why he loves this book.  He just does.

This book has holes in it to stick your finger in.  It also has strawberries, which we have growing in the garden, and we also get at the store very often-- so it's a good standby.

We have just started to get into sticker books (we did it around 19+ months).  There is the whole debate about whether to un-stick the errant sticker and re-stick it where it belongs, so I am not sure about it.  We do use it, and he does like it a lot, though...

I made a family photo book using one of the online services where you upload photos and they turn it into a board book for you.  I can't remember the name, which is okay since the book is falling apart from over-use, so I won't recommend the company.  I think laminated family photos would also do the trick.  He is really into names and people right now.

This is a good book because the duckies are 3D and one squeaks.  It is a little long-winded but who needs to say all the words, anyway?

Do you have any favorite toddler books to share???

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