Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Folklore Bag from "One-Yard Wonders"

This is the Folklore Bag from the book: "One-Yard Wonders" by Yaker Hoskins with some interior pocket modifications.

I really like the size of the bag and I think it is clever how she uses a yard of material to make it taller by blocking across the top. Her directions were easy to follow and really clear. The pattern was made from pieces included in the book, which come on huge sheets of pattern paper. I traced these onto white paper, and liked this better than cutting the massive pages.

She uses interfacing on the bag, and I would have liked for her to use it on the straps as well as the body of the bag. When I make this again, I will also add another layer of interior fabric to the block across the body of the bag to give it more substance.

Her pattern calls for the interior pocket to be a small one on one side. I modified this to make it larger and snap to the lining. I added another zipper pocket on the other side of the bag. When I make this again, I will make a larger zipper pocket and do the other side the same (with a larger pocket with a snap).

Overall, I like this bag. I like that it is two straps instead of one, and the size and weight of the bag ~ except that the straps are too flimsy.
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Here is the book if you are so inclined.  It had a lot of good ideas, and I have bookmarked about 5 to make.  Stay tuned...
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  1. very cool! I like all the pockets.

  2. I agree with you on so many points! This bag is the perfect size, but the straps DO need some interfacing or something. Mine never lay flat, and I so wish they would. Next time I will put some sort of stabilizer in the straps. I added extra pockets to mine, as well. Who only needs one pocket in then interior of a bag? No one. That's who. LOVE the fabric you chose!



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