Monday, May 10, 2010

Oilcloth Tablecloth

I had been meaning to make an oilcloth tablecloth but just recently acquired oilcloth I actually liked looking at enough to put in the middle of the house! This is from the Amy Butler LOVE line, and I love it! Ha ha.  This line of oilcloth is supposedly PUL, and I do feel that it is different than other oilcloth I have since it feels like more of a cotton knit than a plastic (for lack of better words to describe it).  It does feel different than solid Fabrite PUL I have used to make diapers with, though.

To make this tablecloth, I brought my two yards of the fabric to the table. I measured how far off the edges it fell, then cut the length such that it would fall over the ends the same amount that it fell over the sides. I hemmed all of it.

So easy to make, and so easy to keep clean! My husband initially thought it looked like it belongs in a bad Italian restaurant, but has since turned a corner.
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