Sunday, May 2, 2010


We have a wedding coming up and I had thought I would dress the little guy in a tie and suspenders. I finished the tie ages ago (see earlier post), and just finished the suspenders this week. They took so long because I needed to have 4 suspender clips and 2 vest buckles (so I had to shop twice since I counted wrong in my head the first time).

I followed this tutorial, and translated the Moda-speak into inches.

It was a PITA to turn the suspenders, and if I were to make these again, I would just iron them closed and topstitch all around and save myself (ok, my husband- I did half of one and got way too frustrated to finish) a bunch of time turning them.

I also didn't stitch them together in the back as she suggests, because they are so so so long.  I guess this will be his only pair of suspenders for a long time.  I am going to safety pin them together in back when he wears them out.
I liked her use of the vest buckle, though, and I tried it with D-rings before trekking back to the store for vest buckes, and it wouldn't have worked; plus, they look really snazzy.

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  1. Oh wow. These are so cute!! I really miss crafting. Haven't done it in ages. Miss your little guy too although he probably wouldn't recognise me without my belly! LOL. Let's meet up sometime so you can meet my little guy too!

  2. Nikki~
    I just love reading your blogs, and have not really told you so until now. What a creative site...and your own sewing and home craft creations are fabulous! If I was trapped on an island (which I am, much of the time), I would take along your blog to keep me entertained...and to see that adorable Henry (in his suspenders, yet!!).
    Love you! robbie



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