Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Absorbent Roll-up Portable Changing Pads

These are basically small (20" x 12") quilted piddle pads with a tie at one end. One is flannel and quilter's (aka "hard" cotton) and the other is hard cotton on both sides. The inside is two layers of Zorb sandwiching a layer of flannel (the flannel helps the Zorb keep the moisture in once it has absorbed).

To make them, I quilted the pieces together. Then I trimmed the edges. Then I added binding, which in this case was ribbon. The tie was last. On the brown one, I used an old tie from some pants (slightly elastic) and tucked it under the binding. On the purple one, I used two ties I had made for a mei tei hood I had taken off (basically 2" long and folded in half then half and sewn up and down both sides and knotted). I like how the ties work better than the loop.
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