Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gift Set: Nursing Cover, Diaper Case, Burp Cloths

I have two baby showers this month and one lucky mom gets this cool set I made with the help of blogger: "Diary of a Quilter." My son also helped choose the material (Michael Miller Mod Blossoms and Moda Wee Woodland) and iron it (with much enthusiasm).

I bought a 14" piece of boning and 2 D-rings ages ago, meaning to make a nursing cover but not ever having an opportunity. I like that they are like aprons or scarves, but you have the boning so baby can see mom while nursing.

I used this tutorial, although there are a TON of them online. I modified it slightly, though.

I added a pocket on the bottom corner (for a cell phone or burp cloth or nursing pad). I did this by taking two 8" x 5" pieces of material, sewing them right sides facing and leaving a hole for turning. I turned them, then stitched across the narrower side as the top. I tried to match the pattern, then stitched it along the sides and bottom, closing the turning hole as I passed it.

Another modification was to put the boning in while I stitched the top, instead of threading it through after as she suggests. I did this because I dislike threading anything because it always takes me forever and I usually end up ripping and re-stitching something.

The second item is a dipes case. She calls it a diaper clutch, and has a good tutorial. I used a snap instead of velcro, but only because I have snaps and no velcro.

I also made two matching burp cloths. They are cute, and one can never ever ever have too many of these.

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