Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wild(er) Re-usable Nursing Pads

So if the goal is to absorb leaking milk and not be seen from the outside, then a nursing pad needs to be tan or white on the outside, and thin enough to not be seen as a circle.

These all show white to the outside (PUL), and have a layer of Zorb inside. They are stitched with a zig-zag (a serger would also work) instead of turned and topstitched in order to keep the seams thin.

Another plus is if the pads don't stick when wet, so I used white suedecloth, tan diapermaker, and leopard suedecloth. I stitched with all white to keep the outside color the same. But~ I tried to make it a little more interesting on the inside.

I used Kayla's Cloth Kits Nursing Pad pattern again and it worked better for the suedecloth than the diapermaker from Wazoodle. The diapermaker slid around a bit and the suedecloth was more stable.

All in all, I think these will do the trick nicely.
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