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Tutorial: Fold over elastic as binding on Zorb2 Lap Pad

Intrigued by the new fabric Zorb2 that Wazoodle has started making, I bought some. It is supposedly quicker to absorb than other fabrics, and will hold more, thus allowing thinner diapers and lap pads.  It is also already enclosed in bamboo/ cotton, so to use it, all you need to do is cover the edges somehow.  I have used a lot of the original Zorb, and find it to be very absorbent, although it is a bit thick, especially since you need to cover it on all sides (lest it disintegrate when wet) and it holds liquid better when you use two layers with a natural fabric like flannel in between.

Online reviews of Zorb 2 are a bit sparse, although I did read that it shrinks a lot, so to make sure that it was pre-washed.

My first Zorb 2 project is a Lap Pad.  I actually made two of these to start. They were both cut to approximately 18" by 18".  The fabric is narrow at 45" wide, and it did shrink a bit, since the mats ended up at 22" x 17".  I wonder if most of the shrinkage was the other way. I didn't measure the yardage before and after to get a sense of it.  I just measured 18" and cut across, then cut that in half.  The selvage is a bit wide, but both bindings covered it.

The pad you are not seeing here was bound with quilter's cotton in a more traditional quilt binding sort of way.  I didn't like this since the flexibility and softness of the single layer of Zorb 2 was constrained too much by the binding.

This pad was bound using fold over elastic (FOE) as a binding and I didn't stretch it at all.  I like how the fabrics compliment each other and am happy with the weight of the finished product.  I am hoping to use the pad as an infant EC/ naked bottom time lap pad.  It could also be used as a changing pad cover, car seat liner, carrier liner, etc.


Tutorial: How to make a Zorb 2 Lap Pad using FOE as binding
Begin by cutting the Zorb 2 18" across the width of the fabric.  Cut this in half, making two pads.

Then, keeping the FOE on the roll (I like to unroll a bit and keep the roll next to my sewing machine on the right), fold it in half and insert one side, not at a corner.

Choose a wide and far apart zig-zag stitch and, leaving a 3" tail of FOE, stitch the FOE onto the Zorb 2.  Make sure the stitches are as close to the inside of the FOE as possible.

Stop about 3" before the corner.
To make the corner sharp, first fold the bottom into a 45 degree angle.

Then fold the top half of the FOE at a 45 degree angle, taking care to keep the bottom angle intact.

Hold this as you stitch to the corner and through it.

Keeping the needle down, lift the presser foot and turn the pad.

Continue down the next side and repeat for all of the corners.
When you get to the end, stop about 3" before you reach the end of the beginning piece.

Cut the FOE here, leaving about an inch of overlap.
Stitch the FOE, right sides together, trying to get the length of the FOE such that it will lay flat when it is all laid out.  Trim any edges.  If you are slightly off, you can stretch the FOE or Zorb 2 to fit as you stitch it down.
Stitch the FOE down, using the same zig-zag that was used throughout.

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