Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Newborn to Baby EC Cloth Diapering Stash Inventory and Wish List

I know, I know.  It is called Diaper-Free baby (or EC).  But in this modern world, we have flooring and laps to protect, plus cool weather.  PLUS-- I really like to make baby stuff.... 

So here is my upcoming baby-on-the-way list.  I have inventoried what my son used and we kept, plus some items I have made in the last few months.  I am posting in hopes someone may find it useful.  We are expecting another boy.

As you look at this, keep in mind that we do all of our own laundry.  We also focused on poops for our son for the first few months and let the pees come and go.  Then, at 3 months, when he was reliably pooping in the potty, we started paying attention to the pees.  We are hoping to go the same route this time, although we will start earlier (we started around 2 weeks with our son, although we were cueing before then).  We started nighttime EC at 3 months (notice a correlation?) and may start earlier this time.  We have so many carriers because we used them all the time and they get wet.

Some things on this list are just here because we have them.  Others are here because we found them useful.  Those items that were most useful are generally in 4's and 6's and 12's, since I have rounded out how many we have.  You will also notice that we started to rely a lot on nonwaterproof training pants as we progressed.  In general, all items snap since we found velcro to make an annoying noise.  We also have preferred fleece to PUL as a semi-waterproof material, since it slows down the flow of pee but allows air to flow nicely.  I have also included some clothing items you may not have on hand. I also ended up cutting the bottoms off our onesies and hemming them into t-shirts so the bottoms wouldn't be in the way.

XS/ Newborn (generally 0-1 month)

12 all-in-one diapers
11 fitted diapers
10 waterproof covers (fleece and PUL)
2 tiny undies
2 pouch sling carriers

Starting around NB and lasting throughout:

2 dozen Indian prefold diapers
4 dozen well-loved Gerber flat fold diapers

2 waterproof lap pads 18" x 18"
2 waterproof night mats 36" x 18"
6 nonwaterproof night mats 36" x 18"
2 piddle pad play mats
wish list: 12 Zorb2 lap pads with quilter's cotton binding (thin, super-absorbent pads)
wish list: 2 wool mats 36" x 18"

1 small PUL zipper wet bag
4 BabyLegs leg warmers

Small (generally 1-6 months)

8 waterproof training pants

6 fitted diapers (Kissaluvs)
12 nonwaterproof  thicker (aka thin fitted diapers) training pants

4 nonwaterproof thin training pants
9 poquito pants nonwaterproof snapping training pants
1 EcaPants nonwaterproof snapping training pant and doubling insert
wish list: 11 nonwaterproof EcaPants

5 soakers (1 wool, 4 fleece)
4 covers PUL

18 underwear +/- 2T

1 swim diaper
2 Moby Carriers
3 Mei Tai Carriers

8 split crotch pants

wish list: 6 long sleeved Habitual Kimonos in fleece or wool

Medium (generally 6 months to 1 year)

1/2 package size 3 disposables
4 all-in-one diapers
6 waterproof training pants

1 thin fitted diaper

10 nonwaterproof thin training pants

EcaPants nonwaterproof snapping training pant and doubling insert
wish list: 11 nonwaterproof EcaPants

4 fleece soakers
2 longies (1 fleece, 1 wool)

4 covers (2 PUL, 2 fleece)

1 swim diaper
2 Ergo Carriers

wish list: 6 long sleeved Habitual Kimonos in fleece or wool
wish list: 5 split-crotch pants
2 pants with training insert (1 terry with no insert)

Large (generally 1 to 2 years-- although our son is in the 70% percentile and was in this size from about 7 or 8 months)

14 all-in-ones (Bumpkins)
14 thick training pants (nonwaterproof but so thick they are nearly diapers)

3 waterproof training pants
4 drop-flap training pants (2 waterproof EcaPants, 2 odd homemade nonwaterproof)

6 soakers (2 wool, 4 fleece)
2 pocket covers (purple PUL)

23 nonwaterproof thin training pants (2 girl colors, 4 slightly thicker, 17 boy colors)

1 swim diaper

7 split crotch pants
3 pants with training insert Pin It

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