Monday, April 25, 2011

A zillion and one other uses for cloth diapers besides cloth diapering

The Gerber Flatfold Diapers that we have are incredibly useful.  Their first use, of course, was for putting into a diaper cover and letting our child use as a diaper.  In addition to that, they have made their way into a zillion and one places and uses over the last few years.  They are incredibly soft and anything comes out of them on a hot water wash with some bleach...

  1. Handkerchief (snot rag)
  2. Folding into a fitted diaper (no cover used)
  3. Sweat Rag
  4. Burp cloth
  5. Dish towel
  6. Dust Rag
  7. Car Seat Liner
  8. Car dust rag
  9. Lid for sprouting (with a rubber band on a Mason jar)
  10. Cover for fermenting veggies (in crock)
  11. Cover for fermenting Kombucha (in big bowl)
  12. Make it into a flag!

I am shocked I came up with so few! Do you have any to add?
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