Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holiday Photo Ideas (Hanukkah Starts Nov. 27th!)

Gift-giving can be difficult, but having cute kids can make things a lot easier.

What, you don't think my kids are cute?


I mean, what grandparent doesn't love anything with their grandkids' faces plastered all over them?  And what grandparent doesn't think their grandkids are cute?

 With a little advance planning, your recipients will love their personalized photo gifts.

And my goodness, can you believe it is already time to do this?!

Here are some of my favorite Photo Gifts:

  1. Photo mugs.  My sister-in-law gave the best gift ever to Grandpa one year- six identical mugs, each with a photo of a grandkid with their first and middle names and birthdates on it.  He loves that set.
  2. Photo mugs. You could also do a collage~ we actually photograph every piece of preschool art as it comes in the door.  One year, for the teachers, we made a collage with a big class photo on it and six little images of different art projects and gave the same mug to all the teachers.  I also made one for us and my son loves it.
  3. Photo T-shirts. My son got a t-shirt of he and Grandma on the paddle boats at the Reservoir.  It's a nice gift for a kid.  You could give it to cousins.
  4. Photo Totes.  We carry reusable cloth bags around in the car for our groceries, and lots of people also carry these to the Farmer's Market or gym.  This would be a nice place for my kids' photo.  Intimate, but not too in-your-face.  These could work for everyone on your list.
  5. Photo stickers.  One of my yoga instructors has a water bottle with a sticker of his dogs on it.  You could get stickers and put these puppies everywhere.
  6. Photo water bottle.  Yes, they sell photo collage water bottles, too.
  7. Photo Phone Case. This is a little close and personal for grandparents, but what about a gift for Dad?
  8. Photo Mouse Pad.  I made photo collage mouse pads for Father's Day one year and heard an unconfirmed  rumor that Grandma took Grandpa's for herself.  I made one for each Grandpa, plus one for Dad.  Dad still uses his (I can confirm this).
  9. Photo Playing Cards. Perhaps these would be a good gift for the childless Uncle/ Aunt in your family.  A reminder of your cute kids, but not so in their face as, say an iPad case would be.
  10. Photo Calendars.  My uncle's family used to make these for all of their giftees, and they were a sweet reminder of him and his family throughout the year.  Too bad we are all paperless these days.
  11. Photo Necklace/ Photo Key Ring.  These are like modern-day lockets, and some are quite classy.
  12. Photo book of the Year.  A girlfriend makes one of these every year for each kid's birthday, and puts photos in it of the previous year.  I love this, though I haven't ever actually done it.
  13. Photo Ornament. Happy holidays! You could do one every year.

We like to use Shutterfly now that Kodak Gallery is no longer, but there are so many companies and websites out there to choose from.  I also really enjoy the process of making a personalized photo gift really enjoyable-- far more than going to the mall or downtown shopping with the kids.
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