Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How much does the Xtracycle Edgerunner weigh?

I believe I have mentioned our new Edgerunner by Xtracycle (with homemade child seat). 

This was not the same day I weighed the bike (it has since gotten running boards and I narrowed the Hooptie position).
I decided to weigh it.  I got our bathroom scale and balanced it (diagonally) using the kickback.  It was empty, with the stuff on it that I take every time we ride:

  1. Edgerunner Complete
  2. Water bottle in water bottle cage (full but not that big)
  3. Front homemade bag with phone, sunglasses, and wallet, bell and odometer on handlebars
  4. Homemade child seat and side bag with 2 bananas and bag of beef jerky and 2 sets mittens inside
  5. Freeloader bags with bike lock, lights, spare pants and underwear size 2T, tissues, light cloth sling, and a tiny medical kit stashed inside
  6. Pair heavy duty racks with whatchamacollars installed
  7. Little foot cages on the pedals
  8. Kickback with stance wideners
  9. Hooptie
  10. Running Boards
  11. 3 helmets clipped to the side
It weighed 61.2 pounds.

We weighed our grocery bags and they each weighed approximately 10 pounds each (9.7, 8.2, 11.4, and 13.6).  

So-- a Trader Joe's run to get 4 bags of groceries with both kids (19 mo and 4.5 years and 28 and 43 pounds) is 61+40+28+43= 172 pounds of cargo (without rider weight and including bike weight).

The bike has been really stable with just me and the kids (132 pounds). Reviews of various bikes seem to mention that a lot of the longtails lose a bit of responsiveness around 100 pounds of cargo and I would have to agree with this bike.  It rides great with me and the kids, and after we load on the groceries, I still feel safe and can stop easily and start without falling over but I use the gears a lot more when loaded way up (not unexpected), and it has some wobble in the frame (also not unexpected but still noteworthy).

As an aside, we weighed my husband's regular mountain bike - 31 pounds. So that is how I think I am carrying about 100 pounds of cargo with just me and the kids if it is actually 132 pounds with 61 of bike and 71 of kids.
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