Monday, June 2, 2014

DIY Screen Repair

So-- we have kids and a cat and somehow the screen door got a hole in it and the kids and cat have been able to pass freely through.  Duct tape be damned, that screen door is a good passageway.  I cannot tell you how long "fix the screen door" has been on our "Honey Do" list.

But FLIES no more!


Ok, maybe not like magic.  I bought a kit after measuring the screen door.  I read a blog post on The Art of Doing Stuff about how to replace a screen.  I was inspired.  I found a kit for $14 and it arrived.

I set it aside to do it, and found my husband like this (see above photo) this morning.  

And he did it!  There is no longer a hole in the screen.  He even banned the kids from leaning on it and told them to close it every time after they opened it.

I asked him about it, and he said, "It's easy when you have the right tools."

p.s. I am saving the old screen for the greenhouse-- so I can leave the door open for ventilation but not have the chickens come in-- so stay tuned.

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