Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mulching to Expand the Garden (Taking over some Grass)

It started with a fig tree.  This little spot seemed a great place for it...

Then it looked lonely.

So we found it some friends.

And we found some aged horse manure (two car-loads full).

We planted a few things, and spread the compost (manure) out.

Then found a tree service with a couple of loads of wood chips they needed taken off their hands.

And we got going.  And going. And going.  Then there was a heat wave.  Work stopped.  

Then it started again.

And finished!

We added some more plants and expanded the thick drip irrigation to cover that area.


With this project, we also refreshed the mulch all over that we put down almost four years ago.  

I was also thinking ahead to another area on the side of the house (behind the bench).  It is fairly shady, but we wouldn't be able to get to it after this little front area was finished.  So I got a truck of chips there and we spread it for future use.

I am going to get some pavers or something for a path, and wait to irrigate it until we decide if it's going to be a garden, or pond, or something else.  Grass, no.  It won't be that again.

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