Thursday, April 30, 2015

Upcycling: My Jeans into Kid Pull-Up Jeans

These were my old jeans, and I didn't want to throw them away because the fabric was so deliciously stretchy and I love how jeans have contrast stitching.  This pair in particular was worn in and cozy, and I decided to cut them into pull-on jeans for my older son.  

To make them, I cut them to height using a pair of sweats that fit him as my pattern.  I added an extra inch for the waistband.  Then I curved them in, left the width as it was, and stitched up the center seam.  

I originally just turned the waistband, wanting to use the stretch of the fabric to hold the pants up.  They immediately fell down (yes, even though I measured them).

So I cut that off and added a 2" piece with elastic inside.  The rise is a bit short in back.  Next time I will leave closer to 3" to play with as I do the sizing and fitting around the waist.

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