Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Boxers

I found the pair of shorts on the left in the baby's pile of clothing, and have been using them incessently. Since we do EC, it is a LOT easier to have one layer to pull down rather than two. And no matter how much I like to put him in undies, sometimes it's not appropriate to go out in your undies (even if you are a baby).

I made this pattern. I traced the shorts on the left, and looked at my favorite pants pattern ( Basically, it is the pattern at the top, but narrower through the thighs. And at the waist, instead of using elastic in a casing, it is a 2" strip of four-way stretch cotton (or cotton/ lycra-- or I am currently making some with bamboo stretch material! Very cool -- from Wazoodle...). My guy is now 12.5 months old and the strip for his waist is 16" long. Sew it closed, fold it in half, match up the back to the back, and stretch it as you sew (like this turorial shows:

I really like these and am making more of them. The striped material is nice and boxer-like, though.

Here is the tutorial I did for them.
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  1. See October post for pattern and instructions...



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