Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scandi Mei Tai

I had always wanted to make a baby carrier. I had some fabric that I loved so I decided to go for it. I used this tutorial ( and modified it to: 1. make longer by 2" as she suggested (I wouldn't do this again and think I need to go back and cut it shorter), 2. add a pocket and key holder (I would do this in the same as the outer material in the future and make it using a zipper instead of just pleated and with FOE on the top), 3. I used the shortest straps she recommended, and 4. I made the hood wider than she recommended.

I made it using heavy material on the straps and pretty material for the outside. I used one-sided fleece (I think it is called Minky-- it has dots and it super soft) on the inside facing me. On the very inside is a layer of heavy canvas. I modified this to add 2 hidden layers of Zorb. I did this because I carry my son in shorts without diapers, or bottomless, and sometimes he pees and I miss it. I thought the fleece would wick and the Zorb would absorb it and we would be a little more comfortable.

After putting him in it and going for a walk, I would make the next carrier with a few changes. I would attach the hood straps horozontally instead of vertically. I would make the hood taller (you can see in the third photo that it barely covers him). I saw a YouTube video of a woman who had made hers with infant safety loops that the straps lace through on the sides and I may try that to keep the whole thing more stable. I need a better pocket solution. Maybe a strap bag and no front pocket?
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