Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sleep Sack

I had a great nighttime EC idea. The problem is that the baby rolls around at night. When he has to go potty, the velcro of diapers wakes him up. Snaps often take too long to re-attach afterwards, and pull-up style bottoms require a bit of twisting. Going naked-bottom on a waterproof/ absorbant mat (aka piddle pad) is our current solution.
I had thought that a solution would be a sleep sack. So I borrowed one and traced it. Instead of doing a zipper, I left it as a V-Neck and did elastic in the bottom instead of closing it. My idea was that I would be able to pull it up and down as needed and he could roll around to his heart's content.
Well, it turns out that he could slip his legs out easily (duh) and got twisted as he rolled. A solution would be to add snaps to the bottom to keep it shut but then we are back to a snapping diaper solution and haven't gotten anywhere.
I was hoping this one, made of flannel, would help me sort out the kinks and I could make another out of a piddle pad material or PUL or maybe do it in PUL with snap-in soakers or something like that. .. because if I left it as flannel and he had a miss overnight, it would be all WET and worse than before (since the idea is that he always feels dry).
Oh well.... maybe the next idea will work. Hope my friend who I gave it to gets lots of use out of it (her baby is in diapers!).
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  1. Yay! Thanks for the sleep sack. Molly will get some use out of it when the weather drops below 90. right now she is just sleeping in her pj's.

  2. Look what I just found online: A wool sleep sack! It is soft and folds closed at the bottom. The wool would be cool and warm and absorbant. What a great idea!



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