Thursday, September 3, 2009

EcaPants Knockoff/ Drop-Flap Training Pants

In search of the elusive drop-flap trainer, I looked and looked all over the internet. I found a pattern for one ( but couldn't find a photo of what it looked like when open. I found another one that was called an EC Diaper and looked really cute and like a great idea ( But I kept being fascinated by the EcaPants ( The problem was, with all of these styles, I didn't really get it. I couldn't really see what was going on to make them drop-flap without touching one. The EC Diaper photos were pretty good, but I wanted better. So I ordered a pair of EcaPants to try out.

The EcaPants are really cool. They are basically a trim pocket training pant with long tabs and an open piece of FOE across the middle. The one I bought was made of PUL on the outisde and with snaps (they sell a velcro option, and they sell a nonwaterproof option). On the inside, they use cotton, and I think it is birdseye 100% cotton. It is surprisingly thin and absorbant.

So on my knockoff, I traced the pattern, and used PUL on the outside and unbleached cotton sherpa on the inside. I did a one layer soaker, and another layer in the middle to serve as a pocket. I used snaps and an open piece of FOE. On the EcaPants, they have an extra snap on the FOE to make it smaller, and I copied this, too.

I like these. I am hoping to be able to make my pattern into different sizes at some point so I can use it for other trainers. It is a really nice, trim fit, especially when I snap the tabs nice and snug. I have been using them at night (the pair I bought and and pair I made), and they are a nice compromise between velcro and nothing. Sometimes it is a challenge to snap them up tight in the dark after taking my son potty, but I still think it is easier than just using a snapping diaper or trainer.

I think I may buy the newborn size or the one size EC Diaper from Etsy to copy as well. I am not sure about that one, though, because of my aversion to velcro and the sound it makes (wakes baby up).
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  1. hi nikki,

    these look great! would you be wiling to share your pattern?



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