Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers are something I had heard of but never tried. I just made two of them (identical), and they are amazing! Well, they would be amazing if I had my kid in cloth diapers all day and night.
They are great because:
  1. They are made of PUL on the outside so they are waterproof
  2. I made these with snaps so you could take them off without waking your child (velcro noise!) or you could pull them up and down if need be (sometimes that is easier if there is no poop and your child is older and wiggly)
  3. The inside is made of black suedecloth. It is not the black that is so fab (except for style, of course), it is the suedecloth. This fabric wicks the moisture so fast from the baby to whatever you stuff it with, it is amazing. It feels dry to the touch, then you feel inside and the soaker is soaked. I hear that Wazoodle's diapermaker and microfleece do the same thing.

I made these using the Wee Weka Side Snapping Pattern. I stuffed them with the white flatfold diapers we have and they worked great.

Too bad the little guy is nearly a graduate (EC lingo for "potty trained") and we don't need them.... well, not really too bad....

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