Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swim Diapers

So after a bit of research, I learned that a re-usable swim diaper is simply any diaper or trainer pattern made out of waterproof material. Its goal is to keep the feces in and let the urine out. If it kept the urine in, it would also keep the water in...

So I tried making a couple. I used the Wee Weka pattern for a side snapping diaper ( I used PUL on the inside, but flipped over so the knit side is facing baby and the plastic side is facing out. I used swimsuit stretch lycra on the outside. It is bound with FOE and the snaps are resin.

I made the bottom one with flowers first. After putting it on the baby, I realized that a trimmer fit would probably make for a better swim diaper and this would be best loved by someone who also used prefolds and covers (in addition to swimming-- then it could be both a diaper cover and swim diaper).

I had already cut the other fabric so, instead of switching patterns, I edited my fabric to try to make up for the huge-ness of the bottom one. I folded it in half and trimmed the crotch narrower and cut about an inch off the top. This meant that the bottom one has two layers of snaps and can be adjusted to fit better. The top one only has one layer of snaps. I am quite happy with it and looking forward to trying it tomorrow at swim class!

If I would do this again, I would use a trainer pattern and close one side and do snaps on the other side. I love how they look, though, with the white PUL on the inside and the lycra on the outside.
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  1. You're so awesome! Henry is lucky to have such a talented momma!



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