Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Shower Gift Set

I talked to this expectant mama about two weeks before her shower. I had been planning on making her burp cloths and a mei tai carrier, or maybe a few diapers or covers. I asked her what she had and what she thought she needed and she said she had been given a ton of little cloths and how many could one mama need (I told her we went though about 5 to 10 per day and she sounded shocked). She also said she had been given a Bjorn hand-me-down with a sturdy back support, so it sounded like she didn't need a carrier. She also said they had gotten a TON of clothes for the first six months. I love making cloth diapers, but they weren't sure what they were going to use, so I will have to wait to gift them these if they go for cloth. They also did not know the baby's gender. Hmmm....

So I pulled out my white microfleece and got to making a 6-12 month sized fleece vest. I used my favorite Kwik Sew 2911 pattern, omitting the pockets and substituting the zipper for white Kam snaps. [See previous post for more detail on making these.]

I also made her a few sets of nursing pads (when I asked if she had any, she asked what they were), using white PUL on the outside, white microfleece on the inside, and Zorb in the middle. I have made these once before, and used white suedecloth for those. It was a lot easier to use than microfleece, since microfleece stretches along the circle edges. Both suedecloth and microfleece should wick the moisture away from mama and into the Zorb nicely. [See previous post for more detail on making these.]

I also thought a small piddle pad could be useful. This one (shown rolled and tied with a ribbon, on right) is about 18" by 12". It is fleece on the front, PUL on the back, and Zorb in the middle. I quilted together the Zorb and fleece before attaching the PUL so that it would be quilted but the PUL would have fewer chances to leak (ie through my quilting). I thought she could use it for a changing pad on the go, a lap pad for naked time, or a play pad when the baby gets older and they want naked time. [See previous post for more detail on making these.]

I couldn't resist a pair of burp cloths, flannel, about 6" by 12" and hemmed on all four sides. [See previous post for more detail on making these... or new post...]

Lastly, everyone can do with used books. The Girlfriends' Guide books make me laugh and are actually useful (some parts, at least). La Leche League books are also useful in general and Whole Foods for the Whole Family is a fine resource.
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