Monday, November 22, 2010

Old Sweatshirt into Vest and Sweatpants

This "Praha Drinking Team" sweatshirt was too precious to give away and too, um, 80's to wear. So I made it into a kids' vest and a pair of sweatpants.

For the vest, I used Kwik Sew 2911 (again)-- this time sized 3T. It was really easy. I used fold over elastic (aka FOE) for the armholes and bottom. I made sure to line it up so that the existing collar would be where the collar was meant to go, so I didn't have to make one. And yes, the zipper has a heart as the pull-toggle. Love it!

The pants were made from the arms. I cut off the arms and lined up my favorite pants pattern onto them so I could figure out where to cut the crotch out. You could just as easily do this with a pair of pants that fits your child. There wasn't enough fabric left over to make the standard waist that I have been doing on all his pants, so I used FOE. I am happy with these, except that they taper inwards at the ankle a bit more than I like/ am used to. They are fine.
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  1. HA!!!!! We got it in the mail, and WE LOVE IT! It is the most awesomest sweatshirt EVER! Molly is sportin' it! Because we don't have a winter coat for her, she wears it over her fleece for extra warmth. You are so talented, Nikki!!! I will send a picture to you.



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