Monday, November 22, 2010

Heidi and Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie, Modified (Again)

Whenever I put my son in his hooded jacket I made from heidiandfinn's urban unisex hoodie pattern, people mention how cute SHE is. I say "thank you" but I think maybe the topic of genderizing our offspring properly could be encouraged by my son's personal seamstress.

As such, I was enlisted to make him the same great jacket again, but to use a more masculine color like blue.

So I went into my stash and found this navy blue windpro fleece I had been keeping for diaper covers. I let my son pick the lining fabric, and he chose the loudest knit he could find. I was able to piece together enough of it for the body and cuffs, and used a white lycra for the arm liners (so it would feel the same from the inside and you would hardly notice it was different fabric).

I did similar modifications as last time I made this, namely making it into a jacket instead of a pull-over hoodie. I did the bottom piece slightly differently, though. I followed the pattern directions to make the main jacket and lining jacket. Then I attached the edge piece to the exterior and to the interior before stitching them together and pulling them out of one arm. I did this so that the line attaching the edge would be less bulky, and am happy with it. This modification caused me to topstitch all around the jacket, including at the bottom, and I am happy with that as well.

The buttons are wooden ones that my son LOVES, and a froggie button with eyes that move.  He really likes fingering the wooden buttons.
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