Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Activity Ideas for 3-year old

1.       Arts and crafts (glue, paint, crayons, stickers, make a book, etc.)
2.       Puzzles and games
3.       Legos and blocks
4.       Cooking (fake or real kitchen), play doh
5.       Help you do chores - vacuum, fold laundry, do dishes, put toys away, iron (cold)
6.       Feed chickens, change their water
7.       Water fig tree and tomatoes
8.       Play in sand box
9.       Go tricycling (or on bike with training wheels) to end of street and back 
10.   Soccer, basketball, red light green light, other active outside game
11.   Imaginary play- go on a trip, be a construction worker, doctor, etc.
12.   Make a fort etc with playsilks and clothes pins
13.   Hammer nails into work bench outside
14.   Go over letter and numbers
15.   Guitar, sing, etc.
16.   Read books, tell stories
17.   Cuddle, hug, talk about the day
18.   Lacing string
19.   Weighing on scale
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