Friday, November 18, 2011

I love my new Boba 3G

My new Boba 3G Carrier is so fabulously awesome.  I have tried and returned the Boba before, but that was their 2G. Sadly, I am not sure if I am going to be able to keep this carrier.  My baby hates looking inwards!  My toddler loved it when he was a baby, and will sit in a carrier on me whenever I allow it.  Personality really is an amazing thing. I am hoping the baby will like sitting on my back at some point (he doesn't like it now).

But anyway- the carrier is amazing.  It is sturdy and attractive.  It is adjustable in many places and the strap ends tuck away.  It adjusts to carry an infant and can be used through to 45 pounds.  My toddler actually felt light in it-- the foot stirrups really help lighten the load just by getting his feet out of the way.  He liked them, too, and said they made it more comfortable.  The clips and snaps and buckles are all tight and solid.  The chest strap and feet straps adjust on plastic rails, which is actually different than the other carriers on the market.  The shoulder straps have an extra piece of fabric to hold a diaper bag in place, which is quite innovative (it snaps closed).  It also has pockets- one to hold the removable sleeping hood, and two on the waist belt.  The waist pockets are small; one is zippered and just large enough for money and a phone and the other could hold one small diaper -- although it bulges a bit awkwardly when full.  So my only complaint is that these could be a bit larger.

My 3-year old weighs around 36 pounds.

My 5-month old weighs around 15 pounds.
More on the Ergo Vs. Boba (after a friend asked me to expand on this): The Boba straps are thinner (denser padding)... the Ergo pocket is bigger. Boba material is sturdier and Ergo material is softer. Boba has foot straps for bigger babies. Boba has infant adjustment included; Ergo you need to buy an insert.
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